Service & Maintenance

Hammersmith offers fast mobile service across southern Ontario with 24-hour emergency service 365 days a year.

We are capable of performing maintenance and repairs to all makes and models of air compressors including:

  • Reciprocating/Piston
  • Rotary Screw
  • Rotary Vane

Repairs and maintenance can also be performed to all makes, models and types of compressed air dryers and aftercooers including:

  • Refrigerated
  • Regenerative
  • Desicant
  • Absorption
  • Membrane

Our service and maintenance can address compressed air filtration and condensate collection to preserve pneumatic tools and machinery. We offer service and maintenance to in-line filter assemblies and condensate separators.

In addition, we provide maintenance to compressed air storage tanks (air receivers) including condensate drain installations and repairs, and the maintenance of pressure relief safety valves. Inspection of air receivers performed by the TSSA can be provided upon customer request.

Beyond the compressor room our maintenance and service addresses compressed air lines including:

  • New installations
  • Emergency Repair
  • General Leak Repairs

Our experience allows us to provide service and maintenance to all aspects of compressed air systems and the knowledge to make sure the job is done right.

Preventative Maintenace

Hammersmith offers preventative maintenance programs to new and existing compressed air systems designed to stay ahead of the demands placed upon each individual system. Preventative maintenance includes regular inspections of compressed air equipment through the creation of service intervals, depending upon equipment usage.

Our preventative maintenance programs do not force customers into signing a contract or locking in for a long period of time. The work performed by Hammersmith Compressed Air is performed to professional standards, however the absence of long-term contracts give customers the option to terminate our services at any time if not satisfied.

All inspections and services are recorded in service logs left on each piece of compressed air equipment and catalogued at our office to establish a history of work performed. If a fault is found with a piece of equipment the customer is immediately notified and given the best course of action to correct the problem.

Compressed air equipment services can be performed with OEM or quality aftermarket parts depending upon customer preference and manufacturer warranty. Hammersmith takes responsibility to remove all used parts following a service. We don’t leave them piled high in the corner, as is often the case.

Let us visit your plant to put together a preventative maintenance quote, addressing the most appropriate way to service and maintain your compressed air equipment.

We have the knowledge and experience to keep your company under pressure.


Hammersmith Compressed Air provides new installations, upgrades and additions. Our installations can be performed to a turnkey level including electrical and ventilation. All of our installations are completed with the proper permits and inspections.

Correctly installed air compressors, dryers, receivers and filtration equipment allow for air systems to operate efficiently and be cost effective.

If a component of your compressed air system has been installed incorrectly by your current compressed air service company, just call Hammersmith and our knowledge and experience will make it right.


An air compressor is the heart of a compressed air system, and choosing the right type and size of compressor is crucial in keeping businesses running efficiently. Properly determining how much air a business needs, and at what pressure, is essential in choosing the right air compressor.

Hammersmith is able to eliminate the guesswork in determining compressor size and type. We can deliver businesses with a compressor that will keep plants running efficiently and in return keep operating costs to a minimum.

Hammersmith offers the sale of new and used air compressors including reciprocating, rotary screw and rotary vane from the following manufactures:

  • Compair
  • Champion
  • Kellogg
  • Techquip

We are capable of installing and servicing all air compressors we sell.


A compressed air dryer is the piece of equipment in your compressed air system responsible for making your compressed air usable. An air dryer removes moisture that becomes trapped once air has been compressed. If not removed the moisture in compressed air will cause airlines to rust and expensive in-line filtration elements to plug up before they reach the end of their intended service life. Moisture in compressed air can also damage downstream equipment or have adverse affects in certain manufacturing processes such as painting. An improperly sized dryer, or the absence of one, can lead to costly repairs and downtime.

Hammersmith can determine the size and type of compressed air dryer to work in tandem with a new or existing air compressor to eliminate moisture, and the problems it can cause your air system. We are able to install all types and models of compressed air dryers and advise on the most suitable location for installation.

Our experience allows us the ability to perform service and repairs to compressed air dryers that most others can’t. We do not rely on sub-contracted refrigeration companies to repair our dryers. And unlike refrigeration companies who only know the refrigeration side of compressed air dryers, we are capable of servicing and repairing the entire system.


Good filtration, working in conjunction with a properly sized air dryer, will have your compressed air system providing clean, dry and oil free compressed air ready to use in its intended application.

Receiving proper air filtration is an area where businesses must rely on their compressed air service company to properly size and maintain filtration equipment. Other compressed air service companies have been known to sell customers inferior, undersized, do-nothing and unapproved filtration equipment that stands to make them a lot of money but do little to nothing for the customer’s air quality.

Hammersmith only uses leading filtration equipment manufactures, that have demonstrated positive results in the past. Filtration equipment is sized in accordance to the demands of each air system and serviced in regular intervals determined by the usage of the air system.

Hammersmith offers filtration equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • Walker
  • Parker
  • Donaldson

Air Lines

Air lines are the arteries of a compressed air system that carry clean, dry and oil free compressed air to its intended point of application after passing through the air dryer and filtration equipment.

Properly sized and installed air lines can optimize the overall performance of a business’s air system and maintain efficiency. Air lines that are incorrectly sized, installed or not inspected can slow productivity, create downtime, create expensive repairs or cause TSSA inspection conflicts.

Hammersmith Compressed Air is a Quality Assured Contractor authorized by the TSSA, with air line installations properly tested and certified by the TSSA. We attend seminars organized by the TSSA and follow guidelines laid out in the ASME B31.1 Pressure Piping Code when installing our air systems.

Hammersmith is capable of installing ½” to 8” compressed air pipe made of black or galvanized steel and aluminum.

Let us quote on your next air line installation, addition, repair or upgrade. We have the knowledge and experience to make your air system better.

Free consultations are available and there’s no harm in letting us have a look.

Condensate Collection

Condensate refers to the water produced when air undergoes compression. In most cases condensate contains minute traces of oil left behind from when the air was compressed.

Air compressors, dryers, receivers and filtration equipment all have drains that remove accumulated condensate. This accumulated condensate then needs to be collected so that the water can then be separated from the oil and returned to the environment.

Hammersmith can provide and install collection containers that separate the oil and water that came from compressed air equipment. Once separated, collected water is then suitable enough to be returned to the environment and the oil properly disposed of at a recycling facility.

Hammersmith offers the sale of condensate separators by the following manufacturers:

  • Beko
  • Owwamat
  • Puro